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Are you trying to reaching new customers with an interest in dogs? Do you want to increase your brand awareness among this group?

What Is a Podcast?

Podcasts are shareable audio files that are meant to be a syndicated series, very similar to current television media, podcasts can be listened to or downloaded all at once, weekly, or in season format.

Podcasting began in 2004 and had some popularity among a relatively unique audience. Since it’s inception, podcasting has grown considerably. More recently, media outlets are promoting podcasts providing them even more popularity.  As a result, podcasting is becoming a more prominent platform for businesses and companies to develop brand awareness and leverage new customers.

There are a vast number of benefits for those who choose to advertise on podcasts.  Loyalty and engagement by podcast audiences has been proven over the years and podcast listeners develop trust in podcasts and their hosts which is often transferred to their advertisers.  Podcast offer mobility that isn’t allowed as easily with other forms of media and listeners can take their content anywhere!  Statistically, podcast listeners are in higher income brackets and as such have incredible buying power.

About our Podcast

A Life of Dogs is a unique podcast that is designed to reach a relatively broad audience.  A Life of Dogs focuses on human interest stories that involve dogs and is presented in a story-telling format. Our Podcast A Life of Dogs is growing quickly among podcast listeners and we are receiving some incredible feedback on our show.

Let us promote your product or company to our audience of  dog owners and dog enthusiasts.  In addition to your Preroll and Midroll ad in each episode, advertisers will also receive the following:

  • A sponsor thank you with a website link listed on the episode page.
  • A graphic ad listing on our Sponsors Page.
  • A shout-out on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

We produce a new show monthly

Contact us for current advertising rates

  • We work on a CPM model and figures are based on downloads per thousand.
  • 15 second Preroll advertisements are .18 per 1000 CPM.
  • 60 second Midroll advertisements are .25 per 1000 CPM.
  • The minimum purchase period is one episode.

Questions about advertising with us?  Contact Us to see if our podcast would be a good fit for your product or brand.