Rat Hunting Dogs: The History Of Rat Terriers and Ratcatchers

Working terriers have been used to control rat populations in urban and rural environments for centuries. Learn more about their history in this article!

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Season Two of ‘A Life Of Dogs’ Premieres On December 19th

The second season of the acclaimed canine podcast, A Life of Dogs, launches on Thursday, December 19th.  The series follows a unique set of stories which explain the human-canine relationship in extraordinary and incredible detail. The podcast explores the role of dogs in all environments and in all corners of the globe.  Featuring candid, in-depth...

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A Life of Dogs is Coming Soon!

We must say that we’re pretty excited!  We have been working pretty hard behind the scenes to get this exciting new podcast ready for launch.  We are sure that this is a dog related podcast that you’re going to love and we already have an intriguing line-up of episodes for 2018.

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