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A Life of Dogs is a fascinating dog podcast that explores our life with our canine companions.  We tell intriguing dog related human interest stories that cover a variety of topics in a way that is engaging and unique.  From stories of rescue dogs to police and military working dogs, we give our listeners insight and immerse them into these rare connections between people and their dogs. Our team of storytellers are have years of experience working with both dogs and people and provide you with a great understanding of the connection between the dogs and people showcased in our episodes.  Not sure what a podcast is all about?  Learn more about our dog podcast and the people that make it happen on our About Us page.

If you love dogs and great stories, then our podcast is for you! Our podcast episodes can be found on iTunes, Google Play, Soundcloud and your favorite podcast player.  You can also download or play them right here on our website.  Our episodes are released monthly and are free to download or stream.  Whether you are in your car, at the gym or walking your dog, you can take these wonderful stories with you anywhere.  Be sure to subscribe to A Life of Dogs to be sure you don’t miss an episode.  If you enjoy our dog podcast, be sure to leave a review and give us your feedback.  We would love to hear from you.

Heartwarming and Brilliant! A Life of Dogs Episode 1 was a true representation of serendipity. I recommend you get your tissues ready as you listen to people relive how they met their fur-ever dog who happened to be the missing piece to their puzzle in life. Amazing story of how destiny assisted these unlikely pairs of connecting to fill a void and overcome obstacles to follow their dreams!
Euvanka P.

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Where Is The Finish Line?

Find out what happens when a man from a small Italian town travels thousands of miles to take part in the Iditarod.

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Miles From Safety

Succeeding in a race like the Iditarod comes down to preparation. But what happens when you’re faced with a situation you can’t prepare for?

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On Pins & Needles

Matthew Failor is an experienced musher, having competed in multiple Iditarod events. Yet even the most experienced competitors can be faced with unique challenges…

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Short Notice

Imagine you’re an athlete competing to be at the pinnacle of your sport. Perhaps you’re a swimmer, a sprinter, a pitcher, or a quarterback.  You dedicate yourself to honing...

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Peak Performance

Which factor determines the success of a world-class team of athletes? Is it an insatiable desire to succeed? Is it the benefits of a comprehensive training program? Perhaps it’s...

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The Iconic Race Of The North

Cast your mind back to March 2020 for a moment. Across the world, only one topic is dominating the news cycle. The threat of a pandemic is looming larger...

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A Climate for Change

A Climate For Change: How Conservation Detection Dogs Are Saving Species Around The World As saddening as it sounds, it is estimated that 150 to 200 species of plant,...

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Zero Zero

Zero/Zero: How a Blind Hiker and His Guide Dogs Tackle America’s Toughest Trails. This is the inspirational story of Trevor Thomas and his two guide dogs, Tenille and Lulu....

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Battle for the Alley

Rats have been reported in New York City since the colonial times.  Today, scientists believe that the rat population has grown to over 2 million in NYC.  New York...

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Dead Dog Beach

Yabucoa is a small town located in the southeastern part of the island of Puerto Rico.  Yabucoa was known to be a place on the island where unwanted dogs...

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Cautious Closure

When people are missing, often dog teams are called in to locate them.  At times, Human Remains Detection dogs or cadaver dogs are utilized to recover the deceased body...

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Thirty-One Kilo

Dogs have been officially serving as soldiers in the United States military since World War I. Known as (MWDs) or military working dogs they are trained for a variety...

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The Fearless Ones

Africa is known to be the home to the world’s most magnificent wildlife. Endangered animals are slaughtered so that a single body part, like tusks, pelt, or bones, can...

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Catching a Flight

It’s a fairly common occurrence for a bird and a plane to collide.  Recently, a Japan airlines flight had to make an emergency landing due to a bird strike,...

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One Man’s Trash…

If you look up transformation in a dictionary, one definition you will find is “a metamorphosis during the life cycle of an animal”.  We all go through changes in...

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Featured Guests

richard reynolds founder of RATS

Richard Reynolds

Founder of R.A.T.S.

Richard is a huge Terrier breed enthusiast and the founder of the group R.A.T.S. that works to rid NYC of their growing rat population.

trevor thomas blind hiker

Trevor Thomas is the only professional blind hiker who, with the help of his guide dogs, navigates some of the most treacherous trails in the US.

jacqueline staab and darwin the bee dog

Jacqueline Staab

Bee Conservation Dog handler

Jacqueline is the handler and owner of a German Shorthaired Pointer, Darwin,  the first bumblebee detection dog in the Western Hemisphere.

romane cristescu

Dr. Romane Cristescu

Ecologist / Dog Handler

Dr. Romane Cristescu is a founding member of Detection Dogs for Conservation, who focuses on Koala Conservation,  in Australia.

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