Throughout Season Two of A Life of Dogs, we have delved deep into some of the most fascinating stories behind the Last Great Race on Earth – the Iditarod.

From investigating the true stories behind these finely-tuned athletes (Peak Performance), to the rookie musher who stepped in for an Iditarod legend at the last minute (Short Notice), and the fateful experiences that demonstrated just how perilous this 1,000 mile race can be (Miles From Safety), we have had no shortage of intrigue and drama in this season of A Life of Dogs.

After listening to these stories, you’ve probably gathered that completing the Iditarod is no easy feat. For rookies taking part in the race for the first time, to call it an uphill struggle would be an understatement. It requires dedication, sacrifice, and a hard-working spirit to make it as an Iditarod musher. Yet what happens if you’re not only an Iditarod rookie, but you were born thousands of kilometers away on another continent? How do you travel that distance (metaphorically and literally)? What does your journey to the Iditarod start line look like?

To find out the answers to those questions, meet Fabio Berlusconi – a man who went from a small town in northern Italy to take part in the Iditarod. This young, affable Italian spoke to A Life of Dogs for our final Iditarod episode, and the concluding episode of Season Two.

What will you learn in this episode

In this interview, you will understand Fabio’s maiden Iditarod voyage from his own, unique perspective. You will find out:

  • What motivated Fabio to travel from Italy to Alaska for the Iditarod

  • How Fabio prepared for his first Iditarod

  • The strategic decisions before and during the Iditarod, which can make or break a musher’s race

  • The thrill of running with a team of sled dogs through the Alaskan wilderness

  • Fabio’s reflections on his first Iditarod – and why he is passionate about the sport of mushing
happy sled dog husky

A special thanks to Fabio Berlusconi for taking part in this interview. 

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Podcast Transcript

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