Month: February 2018

Episode 1: One Man’s Trash…

If you look up transformation in a dictionary, one definition you will find is “a metamorphosis during the life cycle of an animal”.  We all go through changes in life, but specifically, what we are talking about is metamorphosis.  A drastic and complete “change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one.”

Our podcast episodes are designed to be heard and not read.  As such, we do not provide transcripts for or episodes.  However, we enjoy sharing “extra content” to supplement the stories we follow and the intriguing dogs and people they are about.

Act One - Hugo the Service Dog

Hugo is a German Shepherd that was trained as a Service Dog to assist his boy, Tyler.  Hugo was surrendered by a family who had a newborn baby and found themselves with little time for the antics of a rambunctious puppy.  He was soon trained as a service dog to help Tyler mitigate his autism in addition to alerting him to the smell of dangerous gases. Tyler and Hugo spend lots of time together in school, at work and running within the community.  Hugo participates in Cross Country as well as High School marching band.  Tyler and Hugo have made remarkable strides together since being paired a few years ago.  These two have lots ahead of them, including a special goal.

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Act Two - Star the Police Dog

Star’s life started off by being chained to a tree.  The Belgian Malinois mix was rescued by a local group and later trained as a police dog to locate drugs and people.  After her training, three law enforcement agencies turned her down after seeing her picture.  She was paired with Ryan Millbern and spent her career at the police department in Vail Colorado and the two had considerable success during their time there.  Vail needed a very special type of police dog and Star fit the bill.  For Ryan, it was a dream job that changed his career path considerably.  For Star, it was a brand new life.

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Act Three - Sully the Dock Diving Dog

Sully, a 23 pound Cockapoo, had a rocky start with his first family.  He was growling, snapping and biting, in addition to jumping on furniture and the kitchen counters.  His family sought the help of a professional dog trainer, Kress Walters, who ultimately adopted him.  Kress has helped Sully go on to do some pretty amazing things, particularly for a dog his size. Sully is a four-time World Competitor in Dock Diving and he also climbs trees, rides horses, does parkour and bed bug detection.

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