Season Two of ‘A Life Of Dogs’ Premieres On December 19th

The second season of the acclaimed canine podcast, A Life of Dogs, launches on Thursday, December 19th. 

The series follows a unique set of stories which explain the human-canine relationship in extraordinary and incredible detail. The podcast explores the role of dogs in all environments and in all corners of the globe. 

Featuring candid, in-depth interviews, A Life of Dogs demonstrates the countless ways in which our canine companions can help us – even as their assistance manifests itself in the most unexpected and unusual ways.

For the second season, the podcast team have traveled the breadth of the country and spoken with trainers, handlers and dog owners across the world to bring listeners another batch of exciting, real-life canine stories.

Following the release of the first episode on December 19th, subsequent episodes will be released through the early months of 2020. A third season of A Life of Dogs is planned for later next year.

On social media, the podcast’s Facebook and Instagram pages will allow listeners to see the faces behind the microphones and discover bonus behind-the-scenes information.

podcast interview

How can I listen to A Life of Dogs?

Episodes of A Life of Dogs are available to listeners on their favorite podcast platform, including Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Google Play and Spotify.

Can I catch up with the episodes from Season One?

The first season of A Life of Dogs is available to listen to in its entirety on the podcast’s website and on all podcast players.

I have an interesting dog-related story which I think would make a great podcast episode. How do I get in contact with the podcast team?

Contact the team via the podcast website or on social media. We’d love to hear your stories!

Where can I leave reviews on your podcasts?

We always want to hear your feedback. Leave a review for us on your podcast listening platform of choice.

Can I advertise on the podcast episodes?

A Life of Dogs exposes your business to potential customers around the world, all of whom are likely to have an interest in dogs. Prospective advertisers can find out more information on the Advertise page on the A Life of Dogs website.

A Life of Dogs is Coming Soon!

We must say that we’re pretty excited!  We have been working pretty hard behind the scenes to get this exciting new podcast ready for launch.  We are sure that this is a dog related podcast that you’re going to love and we already have an intriguing line-up of episodes for 2018.