It’s a fairly common occurrence for a bird and a plane to collide.  Recently, a Japan airlines flight had to make an emergency landing due to a bird strike, while another commercial plane was forced to make an emergency return to Cardiff Airport in Wales after a bird hit an engine.  Although rare, dogs trained to deter these incidents can be extremely beneficial.

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Piper – Airport K9

This is the story of a man, Brian Edwards, who got a dog from his friend and the two began a journey of working together to help create a safer environment for people.  They both did the work because they loved it and as a result, became famous by accident.

All photos copyright Brian Edwards 

Piper was a Border Collie who was tasked with wildlife control at the Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City, Michigan.  Piper provided a proactive approach to wildlife management at the airport during the three years that he worked there.  As a result of his work, Piper became a popular member of the community and the airport.  Piper gained internet fame as a result of his job at the airport and reached hundreds of thousands of people across the globe.

Watch Piper racing a C-17

Watch the tribute to Piper

We want to extend a special thanks to Brian Edwards for sharing Piper’s story.
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All photos copyright Brian Edwards @airportk9

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7 comments on Episode 2: Catching a Flight

  1. PPEPower says:

    Another great episode. Piper’s owner went above and beyond to give his dog a life less ordinary. He should be proud.
    Can’t wait for the 2nd installment of the double header.

  2. Chris M says:

    Awesome podcast. Read a brief article back when piper first became famous. It’s cool to hear the whole story. Be prepared to get hit in the feels at the end.

  3. Silas Perdue says:

    A life of dogs podcast delivers again! Captivating and informative Piper’s story is truly amazing.

  4. Danielle Starsick says:

    I heard about Piper for the first time a couple months ago and I love being able to get the full story! Throughout this podcast it felt as though you were apart of Piper’s life and I could imagine being there with him at the airport. I can’t wait for the next episode!

  5. Daniela Carrera says:

    Great story! It’s amazing what dogs can teach us! Waiting for the next episode!

  6. William G says:

    Amazing podcast. It’s great to hear about Piper’s life and experiences and how he touched so many people. His transformation from obscurity, to commanding the respect of high ranking officials, is very inspiring.

  7. Euvunka says:

    This episode was wonderful about a one of a kind dog. Piper led an amazing life and gained a fan in me. He had star power, was magnetic and touched so many lives. It is amazing to have a podcast that caters to the life and adventures of dogs like Piper. I can’t wait to hear more stories.

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