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Interview with Iditarod Musher, Matthew Failor [Season Two Bonus Content]

For bonus content to accompany Season Two of A Life of Dogs, we caught up with Iditarod musher, Matthew Failor.

Who Was The Father Of The Iditarod?

In this article, learn more about the life of the founder of the Iditarod – Joe Redington Sr.

Who Was The First Woman To Win The Iditarod?

It is now over 35 years since the first female to win the Iditarod, Libby Riddles, achieved the feat. This article recaps the story of the 1985 Iditarod.

How Conservation Dogs Help Protect The World’s Most Valuable Creatures

Climate change. Poachers. Animal trafficking. Several species around the globe are becoming increasingly vulnerable to extinction. Find out how conservation dogs are helping in the fight to preserve some of these at-risk species!

6 Inspirational Guide Dog Stories You Need To Read

Guide dogs are incredible, faithful companions who improve the quality of life for their handlers. Read the amazing feats these six seeing eye dogs have performed.

Rat Hunting Dogs: The History Of Rat Terriers and Ratcatchers

Working terriers have been used to control rat populations in urban and rural environments for centuries. Learn more about their history in this article!