Working Dogs

Episode 5: Cautious Closure

When people are missing, often dog teams are called in to locate them.  At times, Human Remains Detection dogs or cadaver dogs are utilized to recover the deceased body of a missing individual.  These dog teams are often used by law enforcement to successfully prosecute cases and to provide evidence that would otherwise be overlooked.  They are also used in “cold cases” to find bodies that have been missing for years and even decades.  These dog teams take a special kind of dog and an even more special type of person to be successful.  Many of these cadaver dog teams volunteer their time and resources for training and the cases they work.

Whether the death was due to a homicide, suicide or even a natural disaster, families of the victim are desperately searching for closure.  These dog teams perform a daunting job in some rigorous conditions and environments to provide that closure.

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The Cadaver Dog Team

This episode gives you some insight into what it takes to make a cadaver dog team, from the training of the dog to the human perspective of searching for and locating bodies.

Col Jeff Jordan works with his German Shepherd “Trooper” to locate human remains in a creek during a training exercise.

Kathy Doty working with a Malinois trained in cadaver.
"Katcha", a German Shepherd trained to detect human remains.
K9 "Trooper" working to find cadaver on a pile of rubble.

A Special Thanks to Kathy Doty, Col. Jeff Jordan and Corey Archer for sharing their stories.

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Episode 3: The Fearless Ones

Africa is known to be the home to the world’s most magnificent wildlife. Endangered animals are slaughtered so that a single body part, like tusks, pelt, or bones, can be sold illegally for massive amounts of money. For example, Rhinoceros horn is so valuable and sought after that it sells for nearly $30,000 a pound. Pangolins, the most trafficked animal in the world, sell for $1000 in parts of Asia.  Deterring this illegal poaching is a massive undertaking and one group is training dog teams to combat poachers in the bush.

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Episode 2: Catching a Flight

It’s a fairly common occurrence for a bird and a plane to collide.  Recently, a Japan airlines flight had to make an emergency landing due to a bird strike, while another commercial plane was forced to make an emergency return to Cardiff Airport in Wales after a bird hit an engine.  Although rare, dogs trained to deter these incidents can be extremely beneficial.

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